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Diffuse Choir is an open project that aims to create a “net-sing” among groups of adults and children from around the world around a repertoire of short songs, with multiple voices, translated into different languages. Everybody and every group, choir, family can be part of Diffuse Choir.
Diffuse Choir participants generally learn and sing songs based on the Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory principles.

About Diffuse Choir

Diffuse Choir stems from the international experience of Arnolfo Borsacchi, Audiation Institute teacher trainer, musician and music educator and a professional and friendly collaboration with music teachers worldwide.

More about Diffuse Choir

Music may have no borders. Different cultures have different music systems…but…people can everytime sing together.

We built a shared repertoire of songs with 2-3 voices and we are continuously translating their lyrics in new languages. In many different countries, children and adults learn the same songs and create a “net-sing” by sharing audios and videos. Together, we are learning that we can feel close even when we are faraway. We are learning that we are more similar than different.

We can sing without words or we can sing the same song in different languages. We can also sing a song together, mixing languages: melody and rhythm will be the same. More: we will be singing a song who talks about the same subject (the sea; a kite; the snow; the weather; holidays; seasons…) even if we are speaking different languages. Music can do magic!

Italian children could sing the first voice while brazilian children sing the second and a group of adults from Turkey sing the the bass line or the third voice. This creates brotherhood. This help us in understanding that if we can do it in music, we can do it also for peace and for education.

We are teaching and learning the repertoire of Diffuse Choir by using the procedures and principles of Edwin E. Gordon Music Learning Theory. Our “Audiations” are connected worlwide!

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